Henry G. Manne Program in Law & Economics 2018

2018 Eighth Annual Manne Faculty Forum

Cecot, Caroline, “The Federal Environmental Enforcement Threat”

Mascott, Jennifer, “The Ratifiers’ Theory of Officer Accountability”

Neyland, Jordan, “Do Lawyers Matter in Initial Public Offerings?”

Saguato, Paolo, “The Law & Economics of Netting”

Stevenson, Megan, “Algorithmic Risk Assessment Tools in the Hands of Humans

2018 Supreme Court Economic Review Research Roundtable: The Economics of Legal Error

The following papers will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Supreme Court Economic Review:

Kobayashi, Bruce, “Error Costs, Legal Standards of Proof, and Statistical Significance

Garoupa, Nuno, “Explaining the Standard of Proof in Criminal Law: A New Insight

Friehe, Tim, “Crime and Punishment Under Evidentiary Uncertainty: Laboratory Evidence

Macey, Jonathan, “Error and Regulatory Risk in Financial Institution Regulation

Mungan, Murat, “Wrongful Convictions, Deterrence, and Stigma Dilution

DeAngelo, Gregory, “Judicial Compensation and Performance

Fourteenth Annual Symposium of the Journal of Law, Economics, and Policy – Regulatory Reform, Transparency, and the American Economy

The following papers were derived from larger pieces published as part of the Federalist Society’s Regulatory Transparency Project:

Cooper, Charles, “Banking Regulators and Operation Choke Point

Zywicki, Todd, “The CFPB: Protecting Consumers from Themselves

Baker, Stewart, “Security, Insecurity, and the Internet of Things

Hurwitz, Gus, “Innovation and the Sharing Economy

Cooper, James, “Protectionism, Antitrust, and Permission to Work

Neily, Clark, “Innovation, Opportunity, and Alternatives to Licensing

Gray, C. Boyden, “Fuel Economy Standards, Zero Emission Vehicles, and the Regulation of Automobiles

White, Adam, “The Ebb and Flow of EPA’s Waters of the United States Rule