Attorneys General Education Program


State Attorneys General face an incredibly diverse and complex array of issues that have significant regulatory and public policy implications. The Attorneys General Education Program offers substantive continuing professional education programs designed to help AGs and their senior staff lawyers deepen their knowledge of the economics principles that underlie those issues and improve their prosecutorial and public policy decision-making skills.

With the advice of a bipartisan Advisory Board comprised of current and former state attorneys general, the AGEP offers timely, rigorous, and balanced programs that teach basic economics concepts and how to apply them to important issues facing states. It also offers more focused educational programs that analyze the underlying economics of a variety of topics, ranging from banking and finance to consumer protection, and from energy and environmental regulation to the economics of the sharing economy.

AGEP offerings include:

      • The Economics Institute: The Attorneys General Economics Institute provides an introduction to basic concepts of law and economics with a focus on applications in the public policy arena relevant to state officials. Over three days of classroom lectures and discussions, participants learn about markets in action, property rights and exchange, competition and monopoly, information costs and transaction costs, and the economics of insurance.
      • Policy Institutes, Workshops, and Symposia: Public policy institutes and workshops build on the economics training provided in the Economics Institute and apply those lessons to specific policy issues. Symposia and public policy conferences feature panel discussions and debates by leading experts on many of the issues state AG offices and other policymakers face in the course of their public service. These programs are typically open to attorneys at state and federal regulatory agencies in addition to AG senior staff lawyers.

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