George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School

Third Annual LEC Public Policy Conference on Privacy and Data Security

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Program Description: Consumers have an incredible array of technologies and services available to them online. As these technologies have progressed, there are growing questions as to what policies are best suited to protect consumers and encourage industry innovation. Topics included the role of the state attorneys general in enforcing privacy laws and a discussion of the rapidly changing landscape of spam, spyware, data portability and industry data retention guidelines.


Welcome & Basic Economics of Privacy


James C. Cooper, Director, Research and Policy, Law & Economics Center and Lecturer in Law, George Mason University School of Law

Andrew E. Stivers, Deputy Director for Consumer Protection, Bureau of Economics, Federal Trade Commission


Mark W. Brennan, Partner, Hogan Lovells LLP

Economics of Data Breach Regulation


Sebastien R. Gay, Lecturer in the Department of Economics, The University of Chicago

Siona R. Listokin, Associate Professor, George Mason University School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs

J. Brian O’Roark, Professor of Economics, Robert Morris University


J. Howard Beales III, Professor of Strategic Management and Public Policy, The George Washington University School of Business

Luncheon Address


Benjamin Wittes, Senior Fellow, Governance Studies

Legal Frameworks for Data Privacy and Security



Richard R.W. Brooks, Charles Keller Beekman Professor of Law, Columbia Law School

Erin A. O’Hara O’Connor, Milton R. Underwood Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University Law School

Dima Y. Shamoun, Research Fellow, Mercatus Center at George Mason University


Derek E. Bambauer, Professor of Law, University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law

Competition and Privacy


Michael E. Sykuta, Associate Professor, University of Missouri, Columbia Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics

Darren S. Tucker, Partner, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

Abraham L. Wickelgren, Professor of Law, University of Texas School of Law


Bruce H. Kobayashi, Professor of Law, George Mason University School of Law and Director, Global Antitrust Institute



Sykuta, Michael, “Big Data in Agriculture: Property Rights, Privacy, and Competition in Ag Data Services.” International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, Vol. 19, Issue A (2016)

Listokin, Siona, “Industry Self-Regulation of Consumer Data Privacy and Security”, 32 John Marshall Journal of Information Technology & Privacy Law 15 (2015)


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For more information, contact:
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