George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School

Law Professors Workshop on Teaching Capitalism

Event Details

  • Date:
  • Venue: Park Hyatt Beaver Creek
  • Division: The Henry G. Manne Program in Law & Economics Studies

The Workshop for Law Professors on Teaching Capitalism is five-day program that will deepen law professors understanding of the fundamentals of capitalism, educate the participants in methods and techniques for teaching about capitalism as a stand-alone course in their own law schools, and help guide these professors in ways to integrate lessons learned from capitalism and discussions around the topic into their subject-specific doctrinal courses like corporations, constitutional law, or on common law subjects.

The workshop is designed to enrich the curricula of law schools across the country by encouraging a more robust discussion of capitalism and its relationship with the law in courses, by giving its attendees the tools necessary to take this instructional guidance back to their home institutions. Across 9 lectures (and a film night — as a case study in using popular culture to teach the law and economics of capitalism), law professors will learn from the leading experts on the pedagogy of teaching capitalism and from other key scholars in the subjects covered. Yale Law School Professor George Priest—the only law professor presently teaching a stand-alone course on capitalism in a law school curriculum—will lead the workshop. Professor Mike Munger—who teaches stand-alone courses on capitalism at Duke University will also lead several sessions at the program. And Professors Donald Boudreaux of George Mason University and Jim Huffman from Lewis & Clark Law School will also be instructors. The program ends with a roundtable discussion among all participants to brainstorm and share ideas.


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