Program Description: The Workshop on Empirical Methods for Law Professors is designed to teach law professors the conceptual and practical skills required to (1) understand and evaluate others’ empirical studies, and (2) design and implement their own empirical studies. Participants are not expected to have background in statistical knowledge or empirical skills prior to enrollment. Instructors … Continue reading “Workshop on Empirical Methods for Law Professors”

Program Description: The goal of the Economics Institute for Law Professors is to help participants enhance their understanding of economics and broaden their analytical tools in order to introduce greater economic sophistication and policy relevance to their professional work. More than 640 law professors worldwide have attended the LEC’s Economics Institutes. Alumni routinely credit the … Continue reading “Twenty-Eighth Economics Institute for Law Professors”

Program Description: The Manne Faculty Forum is an annual Roundtable, held in September, where junior tenure-track faculty at George Mason University School of Law present draft papers for comment, discussion, and critique by senior faculty at the law school. Each author also invites one other discussant of their choice to participate. Following the Forum, the authors … Continue reading “Third Annual Manne Faculty Forum”

Program Description: On April 18, 2012, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced that it will use all available legal avenues to pursue lending discrimination cases, including the use of disparate impact analysis. Under disparate impact analysis even though a lender’s practices or policies are in compliance with the provisions of the Fair Housing Act (FHA) … Continue reading “Using Disparate Impact Analysis to Establish Discrimination in Lending”

Program Description: The Law & Economics Center at George Mason University School of Law held a Roundtable to discuss the manuscript of Terry Anderson and Gary Libecap’s forthcoming book manuscript. A total of 26 discussants came together to give Professors Anderson and Libecap feedback and constructive criticism on their manuscript. The manuscript was then revised and submitted for publication. … Continue reading “Manne Research Roundtable, Anderson & Libecap Manuscript, “Environmental Markets””

Program Description:  In a series of influential and provocative articles, Professor Larry Ribstein examined the forces behind the recent upheaval in the market for legal services.  These forces included increased global competition, changes in the demand for legal services resulting from the expanded role of the in-house counsel, and the expanded use of technology.  His … Continue reading “Second Annual Henry G. Manne Law & Economics Conference, “Unlocking the Law: Building on the Work of Larry Ribstein””

Program Description:  On December 12, 2012, the LEC hosted a Research Roundtable on the Law & Economics of Privacy and Data Security. Five original papers were presented and critiqued. Final versions of these papers were presented at the Public Policy Conference on the Law & Economics of Privacy and Data Security held on Wednesday, June 19, … Continue reading “Research Roundtable, “The Law & Economics of Privacy and Data Security””

Law Review program, co-sponsored by the LEC Agenda Research The papers presented at this Symposium were published as the Summer 2013 issue (Vol 20, No. 4) of the George Mason Law Review. Papers published are: Rosen, Jeffrey, “Keeping Google Good: Remarks on Privacy Regulation and Free Speech.”   Pasquale, Frank, “Privacy, Antitrust, and Power.” Tucker, … Continue reading “16th Annual Law Review Symposium on Antitrust Law “Privacy, Regulation, and Antitrust””