On April 4, 2011, the Congressional Civil Justice Caucus Academy held an Educational Academy Briefing on Medical Liability Reform. Featuring: Randall Bovbjerg, Senior Fellow, Health Policy Center, The Urban Institute David Kendall, Senior Fellow for Health and Fiscal Policy, Third Way Leonard Leo, Executive Vice President, The Federalist Society For More Information, Contact: Congressional Civil … Continue reading “Medical Liability Reform”

The Academy hosted its first annual Civil Justice Symposium.  The Symposium featured a combination of lecture and panel discussions related to law and economics and the civil justice system.  Key legal and policy issues addressed include: For More Information, Contact: Congressional Civil Justice Caucus Academy 703.993.9964 CCJCA@gmu.edu

A leading defense lawyer and a leading plantiff lawyer will discuss ideas to improve the US legal system.  In recent years, both plantiffs and defendants have criticized the US legal system for its lengthy, costly and burdensome characteristics.  A myriad of proposals have emerged from lawyers and policymakers alike, but which should be the top … Continue reading “Opportunities to Improve the US Legal System–Identifying Areas of Agreement”

We will be exploring issues related to the implications behind the scope and size of federal regulations.  This policy roundtable discussion will consider the effects of the existing regulatory regime and discuss whether or not a true ‘overcriminalization’ problem exists.  As a policy roundtable, the panelists will seek to lay out on-going issues and discuss … Continue reading “Overcriminalization: A Policy Roundtable Discussion”

Program Description: Enacted on July 29, 2002, the Sarbanes–Oxley Act was intended to reduce accounting fraud, increase accountability, and boost reporting standards for public companies, management and accounting firms. The Act was passed in large part to prevent a reoccurrence of the corporate and accounting scandals in 2001 and 2002. Ten years on, has the Act … Continue reading “Tenth Anniversary of Sarbanes-Oxley: Persistent Civil Justice Issues”

Program Description: At this briefing the Searle Civil Justice Institute released its report on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) enforcement actions.  We examined the legal and policy implications of the paper’s findings. In the 1970’s, Congressional investigations revealed that many US firms were making direct and indirect payments to foreign government officials to obtain business.  Concerns … Continue reading “Civil Justice Implications of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Release of Searle Civil Justice Institute Report”

Program Description: The Supreme Court will hear a number of cases this Term in the civil justice arena that will likely have farreaching effects.  Notable questions include whether corporations can be sued in the United States for violations of the law of nations under the Alien Tort Statute, and how the Fair Debt Protection Collections Act … Continue reading “SCOTUS Civil Justice: Cases to be Heard before the Supreme Court’s October Term 2012”

Program Description:  Third-party financing of litigation is the practice of an outside individual or organization providing funding for a potential or ongoing lawsuit. This investor is not a party to the lawsuit, and defines repayment terms as a condition to funding the suit. Repayment to the investor is generally done out of any recovery from … Continue reading “Third-Party Financing of Litigation: A Point/Counterpoint Policy Discussion”