Events at George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School

Program Description: Traditional merger analysis focuses on the degree to which a combination of producers is likely to lessen competition on price, output, and quality.  The relationship between short-run market performance and innovation, however, is uncertain.  In “Schumpeterian” competition, markets may be characterized by high degrees of concentration, but competition is still vibrant as firms jockey … Continue reading “Dynamic Competition and Current Merger Policy”

Program Description: The LEC and Environmental Law Society are co-hosting a Mock Supreme Court Argument on Climate Change from 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at Founders Hall Auditorium, George Mason University School of Law, 3301 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22201, to examine critical arguments from Native Village of Kivalina v ExxonMobil … Continue reading “Mock Supreme Court Argument on Climate Change”

Program Description: Search and social media are important parts of the economy. They are also young industries. As such, understanding both the way in which search and social media operate as well as how these markets may evolve is fundamental to any economic and policy discussion.  A deep understanding of the technology and economics of search, … Continue reading “Second Annual Conference on Competition, Search, and Social Media”

Program Description: The Workshop on Empirical Methods for Law Professors is designed to teach law professors the conceptual and practical skills required to (1) understand and evaluate others’ empirical studies, and (2) design and implement their own empirical studies. Participants are not expected to have background in statistical knowledge or empirical skills prior to enrollment. Instructors … Continue reading “Workshop on Empirical Methods for Law Professors”

Program Description: The Manne Faculty Forum is an annual Roundtable, held in September, where junior tenure-track faculty at George Mason University School of Law present draft papers for comment, discussion, and critique by senior faculty at the law school. Each author also invites one other discussant of their choice to participate. Following the Forum, the authors … Continue reading “Third Annual Manne Faculty Forum”

The Economics Institute for Judges was a week-long program that addressed the fundamental issues often at the heart of legal disputes and provide judges with a solid grounding in economics, statistics, and scientific method. Analysis of numerous court cases emphasized the practical relevance of these disciplines. Agenda

Program Description: The Law & Economics Center at George Mason University School of Law held a Roundtable to discuss the manuscript of Terry Anderson and Gary Libecap’s forthcoming book manuscript. A total of 26 discussants came together to give Professors Anderson and Libecap feedback and constructive criticism on their manuscript. The manuscript was then revised and submitted for publication. … Continue reading “Manne Research Roundtable, Anderson & Libecap Manuscript, “Environmental Markets””

These complex institutes provided in-depth exposure to selected topics for those judges who completed both Week One and Week Two of the Economics Institutes for Judges.  The targeted topics for the Advanced Institute on Antitrust included: “Role of Economics in Antitrust Litigation”, “Competition, Monopoly, and Oligopoly”, “Horizontal Restraints”, “Merger Analysis” and “Exclusion and Monopolization”.  The institute … Continue reading “JEP Antitrust Law & Economics Institute for Judges, co-sponsored by ABA Section of Antitrust Law”