Henry G. Manne Program in Law & Economics 2012

Second Annual Henry G. Manne Law & Economics Conference, “Unlocking the Law: Building on the Work of Larry Ribstein”

The symposium issue of the International Review of Law and Economics has been published. It is Vol. 38, Supplement (June 2014). It can be found here. Papers published are:

Butler, Henry N., and Kobayashi, Bruce H., “Unlocking the Law: Building on the Work of Larry E. Ribstein”

Henderson, William D., “From Big Law to Lean Law

Curled, Daniel, and Henderson, M. Todd, “Can Lawyers Stay in the Driver’s Seat?”

Barton, Benjamin, H., “A Glass Half Full Look at the Changes in the American Legal Market

Hadfield, Gillian K., “The Cost of Law: Promoting Access to Justice Through the (Un)corporate Practice of Law

Epstein, Richard A., “Big Law and Big Med: The Deprofessionalization of Legal and Medical Services

Garoupa, Nuno, “Globalization and Deregulation of Legal Services

O’Connor, Erin O’Hara, and Rutledge, Peter B., “Arbitration, the Law Market, and the Law of Lawyering”

Manne, Henry G., “How the Structure of Universities Determined the Fate of American Legal Education”

McGinnis, John O., and Mangas, Russell D., “An Undergraduate Option for Legal Education

Bone, Robert G., “Decentralizing the Lawmaking Function: Private Lawmaking Markets and Intellectual Property Rights in Law

Adler, Barry E., “Lawyers as Lawmakers, Privilege, and Agency”

Bradley, Michael, and Gulati, Mitu, and Salvatierra, Irving de Lira, “Lawyers: Gatekeepers of the Sovereign Debt Market?

Maheshri, Vikram, and Winston, Clifford, “An Exploratory Study of the Pricing of Legal Services”

Third Annual Manne Faculty Forum

Boardman, Michelle, “Judicial Regulation of Insurance Policies After National Regulation Reform”

Chiang, Tun-Jen, “Forcing Patent Claims

Newman, Christopher M., “An Exclusive License Is Not an Assignment: Disentangling Divisibility and Transferability of Ownership in Copyright

Perkins, Rachelle Holmes, “Salience and Sin: Designing Taxes in the New Sin Era

Treyger, Elina, “The Deportation Conundrum

Verret, J.W., “What is the Impact of Corporate Political Activity Under Citizens United? An Empirical and Public Choice Enquiry”