Henry G. Manne Program in Law & Economics 2011

Research Roundtable: The Law & Economics of Search Engines and Online Advertising

Dellarocas, Christopher, “Double Marginalization in Performance-Based Advertising: Implications and Solutions

Lao, Marina, “The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good: The Antitrust Objections to the Google Books Settlement.

Lessons Since the Reagan Revolution at the FTC: A 30-Year Perspective on Competition and Consumer Policies

The proceedings of this conference and the papers presented have been published in a book entitled The Regulatory Revolution at the FTC: A Thirty-Year Perspective on Competition and Consumer Protection, edited by James C. Cooper, Director, Research and Policy at the LEC.

Miller III, James C., “Causes and Implications of the Regulatory Revolution at the FTC”

Kovacic, William E., “The Federal Trade Commission and the Assignment of Regulatory Tasks”

Brill, Julie, “The Future of FTC Jurisdiction Over Antitrust and Consumer Protection; A Commentary”

Divinely, Angela, and Wright, Joshua, D., “Do Expert Agencies Outperform Generalist Judges?: Some Preliminary Evidence from the Federal Trade Commission”

Melamed, A. Douglas, “Paradigm Shopping: Section 5, the FTC, and the Courts”

McChesney, Fred S., “Consumer Protection and James Miller at the Federal Trade Commission”

Beales III, Howard J., Muris, Timothy J., and Pitofsky, Robert, “In Defense of the Pfizer Factors”

Lenard, Thomas M, and Rubin, Paul H., “The FTC Then and Now: Privacy”

Pautler, Paul A., “Regulation and Behavioral Economics in the Post-Miller FTC”

Higgins, Richard S., and Perelman, Mark, “Tying to Mitigate the Deadweight Loss of Monopoly Pricing”

Crane, Daniel A., “Section 5 and the Innovation Curve”