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Symposium on the Economics and Law of Cannabis Markets

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  • Division: The Attorneys General Education Program, The Judicial Education Program

Symposium on the Economics and Law of Cannabis Markets

Many states are currently pursuing the decriminalization and/or legalization of medical and recreational marijuana use. This presents new challenges and opportunities for prosecutors, regulators, and law enforcement officials in areas of enforcement, consumer protection, and public health. The LEC’s Symposium on the Economics and Law of Cannabis Markets examined the fundamentals of the cannabis economy and discussed how government officials can address these questions. By attending, participants gained in-depth knowledge about the hurdles regulators and enforcement officials encounter within this unique market and how to manage the legal, financial, and infrastructure questions that arise in an industry that is decriminalized within a state but not at the federal level.

Additionally, panels discussed larger constitutional questions related to the role of federalism in the enforcement of marijuana laws, as well as, lessons learned by states that have already legalized marijuana and the obstacles encountered when implementing enforcement strategies. This event was available to all Article III judges, all state appellate judges, and state general jurisdiction judges, as well as state attorneys general, and attorneys and senior policymaking staff working in state AG offices.

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