Libra – New Dimensions for Money? (Webinar)

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  • Division: Program on Financial Regulation & Technology

The George Mason University Program on Financial Regulation & Technology and the Antonin Scalia Law School’s Financial Services Regulation Law Concentration invite you to participate in a live webinar on the financial and regulatory issues raised by the proposed Libra virtual currency, sponsored by Facebook and over two dozen other financial and technology companies.

Facebook and other sponsors intend for Libra to become the first digital currency with mass appeal. By collateralizing Libra with hard liquid assets, sponsors say it will avoid the wild value fluctuations that plague other digital currencies. Both features raise unique legal, regulatory, and economic challenges that must be addressed:

· Will regulators consider Libra issuers to be “banks”?

· How will distribution and redemption operate?

· What are the global monetary policy implications of the Libra model?

· How would the sterilization of trillions of dollars in assets backing Libra affect national economies?

· Will this push Congress to consider regulation that is functionally-driven rather than status-driven?



Brian Brooks, Chief Legal Officer, Coinbase

Sarah Jane Hughes , University Scholar and Fellow in Commercial Law, Indiana University School of Law

Angela Angelovska-Wilson, Co-Founder and Princip al, DLx Law

Thomas P. Vartanian, Professor of Law, George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School and Executive Director, GMU Program on Financial Regulation & Technology


For questions, please contact Andrew McCarthy at or 703-993-8008.