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Food Fight: Legal Battle Over Food Labeling

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  • Venue: Room 1334, Longworth House Office Building
  • Division: Civil Justice Academy

“All-Natural”, “Organic”, “superfood” and “GMO-free” are all phrases and buzzwords that have become a common sight in grocery aisles. As consumers become increasingly conscious of the food they ingest, producers, manufacturers and marketers have sought to produce products that appeal to consumer’s increasing appetite for healthy foods and beverages. Unfortunately, these common buzzwords are difficult to define, and as a result have led to a rise in litigation surrounding food labeling.

Courts in the US have divided on how best to address food labeling, with some courts dismissing cases on the basis of a “reasonable person” standard, and others allowing litigation to proceed by class certification in food and beverage cases.

Our panel of experts will discuss the scope of food labeling litigation, the challenges inherent in responsible food labeling, and how lawmakers, regulators, and lawyers must approach and analyze the unique issues that food labeling presents.


This Congressional Civil Justice Academy briefing features:

Laura MacCleery, Policy Director, Center for Science in the Public Interest

Cary Silverman, Partner, Shook, Hardy & Bacon

Gregory Conko (Moderator), Deputy Director, Law & Economics Center

Longworth House Office Building, Room 1334

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