Program Description:  The last decade has seen an incredible rise to prominence of online search and social media services.  These new industries present a unique set of issues to regulators and state attorneys general.  Understanding the technology and economics of search and social networks is necessary to facilitate sensible policies in this area.  The Public … Continue reading “AGEP Public Policy Conference on Competition, Search, and Social Media”

Program Description:  Consumers have an incredible array of technologies and services available to them online. As these technologies have progressed, there are growing questions as to what policies are best suited to protect consumers and encourage industry innovation. Topics include the role of the state attorneys general in enforcing privacy laws and a discussion of … Continue reading “AGEP Public Policy Conference, “The Law & Economics of Privacy and Data Security””

Program Description:  The AGEP Economics Institute is a three and a half day program that addresses the fundamental issues often at the heart of legal disputes and provides Attorneys General and their staff with a solid grounding in economics, statistics, and the scientific method. The program includes the analysis of numerous court cases and emphasizes … Continue reading “AGEP Economics Institute”

Program Description: This policy conference is a two-day program that will address the particular interests of state in regulating lenders. The conference will begin with a foundational discussion on the economics of lending, followed by panels on consumer credit, debt collection practices, litigation loans, payday loans, the federal role and preemption versus state lending law, and … Continue reading “AGEP Public Policy Conference on Federalism and State Regulation of Lending”

Program Description: The institute is a two-day program that will address the economics and applications of antitrust law. The program will begin will the foundational aspects of economics and antitrust policy, including a review of supply and demand and a broad overview of competition and monopoly. The final day of the program will include the 17th … Continue reading “AGEP Public Policy Institute on Antitrust Economics”

Program Description: The Law & Economics Center through LEC Initiative for Energy and the Environment hosted a public policy conference on “Old Fuels, New Technologies, and Market Dynamics,” which examined the dynamics between environmental issues and the energy market. Panels addressed clean coal technology, carbon sequestration, the future direction of the oil and gas industry, and … Continue reading “LEC Public Policy Conference on Energy and the Environment: Old Fuels, New Technologies, and Market Dynamics”

Program Description: This two and a half day program will address the many aspects of financial services regulation and litigation, with a particular focus on issues of interest to states. The conference will begin each day with foundational lectures on the economics of financial regulation, followed by specific panels on mortgage servicing rules post settlement, payday … Continue reading “AGEP Fourth Annual Public Policy Institute, “Financial Services Regulation””

Program Description: Data Collection by public and private entities is ubiquitous. The increasing collection and use of these data holds great promise, but also raises important issues related to privacy and data security regulation. Several authors will present original work on privacy and data security policy, focusing on such topics as the proper reach of … Continue reading “LEC Public Policy Conference on “The Future of Privacy and Data Security Regulation””

Program Description: The two-day program began with a primer on administrative law and the various challenges states face in implementing legislation and agency regulations. The first day addressed rapidly evolving topics in administrative law, including judicial review of agency actions and the importance of statutory interpretation in administrative law. Sessions considered in-depth analysis of state involvement … Continue reading “AGEP Workshop on Administrative Law & the States”

Program Description: The LEC Public Policy Conference on Administration Unbound? Delegation, Deference, and Discretion featured panels on specialized topics, such as regulatory cost-benefit analysis, the judicial review of regulatory science, and the consequences of significant delegated discretion to administrative agencies. Speakers included the Honorable Douglas H. Ginsburg, Senior Circuit Judge, US Court of Appeals for the … Continue reading “LEC Public Policy Conference on Administration Unbound? Delegation, Deference, and Discretion”