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Americans with Disabilities Act Lawsuits: “Drive-By” Litigation or a Tool to Help the Disabled?

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  • Venue: Dirksen Senate Office Building, Room 226
  • Division: Civil Justice Academy

Around the country, businesses small and large have seen a surge in Americans with Disabilities Act-related lawsuits claiming failures to provide reasonable accommodations to customers and workers with disabilities. Critics call them “drive-by” lawsuits because many of the plaintiffs allege violations without ever getting out of their cars. A report on CBS’s 60 Minutes even suggested that some lawyers use Google Earth, MapQuest, and other satellite imagery to search for violations such as having too few handicapped parking spaces. But disabilities rights advocates insist the lawsuits serve a valuable purpose in enforcing a helpful and needed law. Are businesses being overwhelmed by frivolous litigation, or are the lawsuits important tools for helping the disabled?

This Congressional Civil Justice Academy featured:

Karen Harned
Executive Director, National Federation of Independent Business Small Business Legal Center

Andy Levy
Partner, Brown, Goldstein & Levy

Moderator: Gregory Conko
Interim Executive Director, Law & Economics Center