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Symposium on the Economics and Law of Pharmaceutical Regulation: Emerging Issues

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  • Division: Civil Justice Academy, The Attorneys General Education Program, The Judicial Education Program

With multiple companies creating a vaccine in record time, the COVID-19 pandemic has spotlighted the role pharmaceuticals and regulatory agencies play in combating an unseen opponent.

Our reliance on a healthy pharmaceutical industry is nothing new, and questions of how to regulate pharmaceutical products, including their prices, have long been the subject of debate.

Recently, the outgoing Trump administration promised aggressive policing of drug prices through agency rulemakings and executive orders. Many states have also become more active than ever at imposing information and disclosure obligations purportedly designed to increase drug price transparency, imposing price controls of their own, and intervening to disrupt private bargains in patent settlement litigation in the name of consumer welfare.

The symposium featured a timely discussion on these and other emerging issues in the economics and law of pharmaceutical regulation, and a keynote lecture on the Economics of Pharmaceutical Drug Development & Regulation from Kenneth I. Kaitin, Senior Fellow and former Director of the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development.


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Lecture: The Economics of Pharmaceutical Drug Development & Regulation


Panel 1: State Price Controls for Pharmaceutical Products


Panel 2: Federal Efforts to Control Pharmaceutical Prices: Executive Orders, Agency Regulations, and Congressional Action


Panel 3: Emerging State Interventions in Patent Settlements and Other Intellectual Property Matters Affecting Pharmaceuticals