Symposium on Civil Justice Issues

Event Details

The US civil justice system is evolving rapidly. At both the federal and state levels, legislative and judicial actions are generating a wave of new innovative legal theories and procedural maneuvers. The Judicial Symposium on Civil Justice Issues is an opportunity for judges to systematically review, critique, and question contemporary issues in civil justice.

Last year’s Symposium tackled issues such as Daubert v Frye standards, drug labeling and consumer protection laws, as well as the legal and ethical issues caused by contingency fee arrangements. The program also included a keynote address by Harvard Professor Eugene Soltes, who shared his experiences interviewing infamous white-collar criminals for his book “Why They Do It: Inside the Mind of the White-Collar Criminal.”

At this year’s program, participants will be able to hear from the nation’s top practitioners and thought leaders who will discuss a wide range of disciplines in debate-style panel discussions. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions, and the program is designed to allow judges ample time to interact with fellow participants and speakers.

For questions about this year’s program, please contact Rachel Trello at or by phone at 703-993-8008.