14th Annual Symposium of the Journal of Law, Economics & Policy

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Regulatory Reform, Transparency, and the American Economy

Government regulation is intended to improve the efficiency of markets and protect people from harms they cannot identify or prevent on their own. But, for decades, advocates have debated whether the regulatory process and rules developed through it are too strict or too lax; whether they properly account for all the things society values; and even whether they make society better or worse off on balance. The Journal of Law, Economics & Policy’s Symposium on Regulatory Reform, Transparency, and the Economy explored these and related questions as leading scholars and practitioners examined a number of recent regulatory proposals impacting a broad swath of the American economy – from banking and finance to energy and the environment, and from employment law to the internet economy. Speakers considered and debated how well these proposals would perform their intended functions and how they might be improved. The symposium featured discussions of research papers prepared by experts working on the Federalist Society’s Regulatory Transparency Project.

The proceedings of the Conference will be published in a special symposium issue of George Mason’s Journal of Law, Economics, and Policy.