Mason Judicial Education Program


For 38 years, the LEC has offered intellectually rigorous, balanced, and timely educational programs to the nation’s judges and justices in the belief that the fundamental principles of a free and just society depend on a knowledgeable and well-educated judiciary.

To date, over 4,000 federal and state court judges representing all 50 states have participated in at least one of the LEC’s judicial education programs. Up to a dozen courses and seminars are offered each year by the Judicial Education Program (JEP). All programs benefit from the advice offered by an independent Judicial Advisory Board made up of distinguished judges from courts all over the country.

The JEP recognizes that the US civil justice system imposes tremendous burdens on American businesses through high discovery costs, regulation through litigation, class action abuses, and litigation or the threat of litigation. Providing an unprecedented opportunity to improve the nation’s judiciary, the JEP offers intense programs designed to build understanding of critical economic disciplines so that judges may apply this knowledge when assessing complex issues surrounding legal disputes.

JEP courses are taught by highly respected academic experts and practitioners and are designed and structured for serious participants. Attendees must commit to completing pre-session reading assignments, contributing to class discussions, and attending all sessions.


John J. Kornacki, Director of Education | 703.993.8051