Litigation vs. Regulation – A Model of Economic Efficiency or Economic Headwind?

On November 18-19, 2010 — the Searle Civil Justice Institute (SCJI) hosted it’s first public policy roundtable: “Litigation vs Regulation: A Model of Economic Efficiency or Economic Headwind?”

“It is clear that our nation’s legal and regulatory environment is full of overlap and inconsistency. The result is a legal and regulatory system that produces uncertainty and acts as a drag on productive economic activity,” said Geoffrey J. Lysaught, director of the SCJI. “Our roundtable began the important task of developing effective and efficient policy approaches that appropriately balance the roles of markets, litigation, and regulation while protecting consumers, the rule of law, and our free enterprise system.”

To advance this critical effort, the SCJI commissioned five original research papers by leading law and economics scholars for discussion at the roundtable. The roundtable gathered leading experts including academics, practicing lawyers, policy makers, business executives, and other interested parties to vet this research.