Programs for Professors

The LEC is currently accepting applications for the following programs for Law Professors. 


The Law & Economics Center (LEC) is seeking applications from scholars interested in participating in an innovative research program designed in increase the number and quality of economists conducting research on public policy issues at the intersection of privacy, data security, and consumer protection. The LEC will make substantial investments in training and mentoring the transition of proven scholars into a largely uncharted policy area. The LEC will provide lodging and meals at all events, as well as honoraria at important steps in the process. The total honorarium payments of $12,000 will be provided to LEC Privacy Fellows who complete the entire process. Participants will be responsible for their own transportation arrangements and expenses and applications will be reveiwed on a rolling basis. 

Sunday, December 6 - Wedneday, December 10, 2014

Duck Key, Florida

Thursday, Jaunary 29 - Sunday, February 1, 2015

Duck Key, Florida