Economics Institute for Judges, Week One, September 22-27, 2013


Program Booklet


Property Rights & Exchange

Butler & Drahozal, Economic Analysis for Lawyers, 2nd ed., Carolina Academic Press (2006): Chapter 1, §B

D. Bruce Johnsen, Salmon, Science, and Reciprocity on the Northwest Coast, Ecology and Society. 14(2): 43 (2009)

Market Magic and Price Formation

Supply, Demand, and Mutually Beneficial Exchange

Butler & Drahozal, Chapters I and II

Introduction to Behavioral Economics

Butler & Drahozal, Chapter I, §B

Externalities, Property Rights, and the Coase Theorem

D. Bruce Johnsen, From: "'Late Rut' will Promote Buck Movement," Houston Chronicle, December 20, 1984

Markets in Action

Sanhai Bhagut and Roberta Romano, Event Studies and the Law: Part I: Technique and Corporate Litigation, American Law and Economics Review. V4 N1 2002 (141-167)(2002)

Risk, Injury, and Liability

Butler & Drahozal, Chapter VI, §§A and C, pp 255-258

Public Choice: Concepts

Butler & Drahozal, Chapter III, §§A and B; Chapter VII, §D.2

Publice Choice: Applications

Butler & Drahozal, Chapter III, §B

Economic Thinking

Butler & Drahozal, Chapters I and II

Information Costs and Transaction Costs

Butler & Drahozal, Chapter V, §§A and B

Economics of Insurance

Butler & Drahozal, Chapter VI, §B

Competition & Monopoly

Butler & Drahozal, Chapter VII, (skim entire chapter)

Economics of Civil Procedure

Butler & Drahozal, Chapter III, §C

Horizontal & Vertical Restraints

Butler & Drahozal, Chapter VII.C.2 and D.5.a,b

Monopolization and Single Firm Conduct

Butler & Drahozal, Chapter VII, §D.5.d

Verizon v. Law Offices of Curtis v. Trinko, 540 US 398 (2004)