5th Annual Judicial Symposium on Civil Justice Issues, December 5-7, 2010

Symposium Reading Materials

The Death of Big Law, Larry E. Ribstein

Appying Fairness Principles in Climate Change Nuisance Litigation, John E. Heintz

Motler Rice Ascentos Practice

Pelman v. McDonald's Corp.

Litigation as a Tool in Food Advertising: Consumer Protection Statutes, Joseph M. Price


Emerging Civil Justice Issues



J. Russell Jackson


Robert Peck


Update on the Federal Rules Advisory Committee









Protecting the Public Health: Litigation on Obesity






Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts and Their Impact on the Tort System

Lloyd Dixon


Nathan Finch


James Stengel


The Honorable Mark Davidson


Q & A Session


Prespectives on Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform

J.W. Verret 


Daniel Crowley


Todd Zywicki


Q & A Session


Climate Change Litigation Panel

Richard O. Faulk


Joseph S. Speelman


Jason S. Johnston


Christopher Mayer


The Balancing of Markets, Litigation and Regulation

Paul Rubin


Larry Ribstein


Keith Hylton

Todd Zywicki


Q & A Session


The Role of the Civil Justice System in Allocating Societal Resources

John Heintz


Robert Cusumano 


John Vail


Panel Discussion