LEC Workshop for Law Professors: Empirical Methods, May 20-24, 2013


Class 1: Research Design

Helland, et al, The Measure of Vice and Sin

Mostly Harmless Econometrics


Class 2: Finding Data


Class 3: Descriptive Statistics

A Guide to Econometrics Ch.1 (also contains Ch 2 for Class 5)


Class 4: Applied Session


Class 5: Basic Probability Theory

A Guide to Econometrics Ch.2 (see above)

A Guide to Econometrics Appendix A,B,C


Class 6: Fromulating Testable Hypotheses

Rubinfeld, Econometrics in the Courtroom

McCloskey and Ziliak, The Standard Error of Regressions


Class 7: Inference

Kaye and Friedman, Reference Guide on Statistics

Rubinfeld, Reference Guide on Multiple Regression


Class 8: Applied Session

Ashenfelter, Econometric Methods in Staples


Class 9: Specification

A Guide to Econometrics Ch 5 and 6.1-6.3

A Guide to Econometrics Ch 14-16


Class 10: Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis

Baye and Wright, Is Antitrust Too Complicated for Generalist Judges?


Class 11: Time Series Regression Analysis

Bittlingmayer and Hazlett, DOS Kapital


Class 12: Applied Session


Class 13: Panel Data Techniques

Klick and Stratmann, Medical Malpractice Reform and Physicians in High-Risk Specialties


Class 14: Sensitivity Analysis

Helland and Klick, Legal Origins and Empirical Credibility


Class 15: Applied Session


Class 16: Wrap-Up


Class 17: Participant Paper Session


Class 18: Participant Paper Session