LEC Workshop for Law Professors: Public Choice Economics, January 25-28, 2013


CLASS 1: Introduction to Public Choice: Economic Reasoning, Interest Group Theory, and Rent-Seeking

Stearns and Zywicki, Public Choice Concepts and Applications in Law, West (2009), Chapter 1: Introduction to Economic Analysis of Collective Decision Making


CLASS 2: Introduction to Positive Political Theory

Stearns and Zywicki, Chapter 5: The Legislature

McCubbins and Rodriguez, “The Judiciary and the Role of Law”, from Weingast and Wittman, The Oxford Handbook of Political Economy, Oxford University Press (2006)


CLASS 3: Regulation and Rent-Extraction

Stearns and Zywicki, Chapter 2: Interest Group Theory and Rent-Seeking

McChesney, “Historic Self-Preservation” Library of Economics and Liberty


CLASS 4: Statutory Interpretation and Constitutional Political Economy

Stearns and Zywicki, Chapter 8: Constitutions


CLASS 5: Delegation and Agency Decision-Making

Stearns and Zywicki, Chapter 6: The Executive Branch and Agencies

Weingast, “Caught in the Middle: The President, Congress, and the Political-Bureaucratic System” from Aberbach and Peterson, The Executive Branch and American Democracy, Oxford University Press (2005)

McCubbins, Noll and Weingast, “Structure and Process, Politics and Policy: Administrative Arrangementsand the Political Control of Agencies”, 75 (2) Virginia Law Review 431 (1989)


CLASS 6: Empirical Studies of Public Choice

Stearns and Zywicki, "Antitrust and Public Choice"