Second Annual Henry G. Manne Law & Economics Conference: November 9, 2012

Unlocking the Law: Building on the Work of Professor Larry E. Ribstein


Please note: the papers below are unpublished and should not be cited or quoted without the express permission of the author(s).


Panel I. The Future of Legal Services and Legal Education


Henry G. Manne, Distinguished Visiting Professor, Ave Maria School of Law; Dean Emeritus, George Mason University School of Law

How the Structure of Universities Determined the Fate of American Legal Education


John O. McGinnis, George C. Dix Professor in Constitutional Law, Northwestern University School of Law

An Undergraduate Option for Legal Education



Panel II. Deregulating Legal Services


Richard A. Epstein, Laurence A. Tisch Professor of Law, New York University School of Law

Big Law and Big Med: The Deprofessionalization of Legal and Medical Services


Gillian K. Hadfield, Richard L. and Antoinette Schamoi Kirtland Professor of Law and Professor of Economics, University of Southern California Gould School of Law

The Cost of Law: Promoting Access to Justice Through the Corporate Practice of Law

Nuno Garoupa, Professor and H. Ross and Helen Workman Research Scholar, University of Illinois College of Law; Co-Director, Illinois Program on Law, Behavior, and Social Science
Globalization and Deregulation of Legal Services



Panel III. Law Firms and Competition Between Lawyers


William D. Henderson, Professor of Law and Van Nolan Faculty Fellow, Indiana University Maurer School of Law; Director, Center on the Global Legal Profession

From Big Law to Lean Law

Benjamin H. Barton, Professor of Law, University of Tennessee College of Law

A Glass Half Full Look at the Changes in the American Legal Market


Daniel Currell, Executive Director, Legal & Risk Compliance Practice, CEB, Inc.

M. Todd Henderson, Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School

Will Lawyers Be in the Driver's Seat?



Panel IV. Reputation, Fiduciary Duties, and Agency Costs


Clifford Winston, Senior Fellow, Economics Studies, Brooking Institution

An Exploration of Price Competition Among Lawyers


Michael H. Bradley, F.M. Kirby Professor of Investment Banking Emeritus, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University; Professor of Law, Duke University School of Law

Mitu Gulati, Professor of Law, Duke University School of Law

Irving A. De Lira Salvatierra, Graduate Student, Department of Economics, Duke University

Lawyers: The Gatekeepers of the Soverign Debt Market?


Jason Scott Johnston, Henry L. and Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation Professor of Law and Nicholas E. Chimicles Research Professor in Business Law and Regulation, University of Virginia School of Law

Consumer Protection in the New World of Commoditized and Unbundled Legal Products

From Nudges to Mandates: Dodd-Frank Mortgage Regulation as Case Study



Panel V. Private Lawmaking and Adjudication


Robert G. Bone, G. Rollie White Teaching Excellence Chair in Law, University of Texas at Austin School of Law

Decentralizing the Lawmaking Function: Should There Be Intellectual Property Rights in Law?


Barry E. Adler, Bernard Petrie Professor of Law and Business and Associate Dean for Information Systems and Technology, New York University School of Law

Lawyers as Lawmakers, Privilege and Agency


Erin O'Hara O'Connor, Milton R. Underwood Chair in Law, Vanderbilt University Law School

Peter B. Rutledge, Herman E. Talmadge Chair of Law, University of Georgia Law School

Arbitration, the Law Market, and the Law of Lawyering