Roundtable: The Law & Economics of Privacy and Data Security, December 12, 2012


Final Versions

NOTE: All papers are in draft form and should not be quoted or cited without express permission of the author(s).

A Products Liability Framework for FTC Privacy Regulation

James C. Cooper, Director, Research and Policy, Law & Economics Center, George Mason University School of Law

The Market Impact of Privacy Breaches

Jonathan Klick, Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania School of Law

Eric Helland, Robert J. Lowe Professor of Economics, Claremont McKenna College

Contractibility and Internet Privacy

Christopher S. Yoo, John H. Chestnut Professor of Law, Communication, and Computer & Information Science; Director, Center for Technology, Innovation & Competition, University of Pennsylvania Law School

Structuring Competition in Privacy

Randal C. Picker, Paul H. and Theo Leffman Professor of Commercial Law, University of Chicago Law School; Senior Fellow, The Computation Institute of the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory

Protecting Consumers, Protecting Privacy: Addressing Privacy Issues as "Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices"

J. Howard Beales III, Professor of Strategic Management and Public Policy, School of Business, George Washington University