Third Annual PPI: Financial Services Regulation, May 1-3, 2013


General Readings

Mark Totten, Credit Reform and the States: The Vital Role of Attorneys General after Dodd-Frank
Letter from David Hirschmann (CCMC) to Richard Cordray (CFPB)
Prepared remarks by Richard Cordray at a Consumer Advisory Board Meeting 
Dechert LLP's Financial Services Reform Legislation and Rulemaking Site

Understanding the Many Facets of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

What You Need to Know About the CFPB
CFBP Proposed New Mortgage Disclosure Rules, The Banking Law Journal, October 2012
The Dodd-Frank Act Established the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection as the Primary Regulator of Consumer Financial Products and Services. September 20, 2010
The Dodd-Frank Act Grants Expensive Fair Lending Enforcement and Rulemaking, September 20, 2010
Advisory, CFPB's New Supervisory Manual Focuses on Risk to Consumers
Advisory, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau FTC Announce Memorandum Understanding
Advisory, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Public Comment Definition Nonbank Supervision
Advisory, Recent Significant CFPB Activities
Advisory, The CFPB Finalizes New Mortgage Servicing Rules
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Mortgage Lending Initiatives
Dechert LLP

U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Issues Rules on Qualified Mortgages and Ability to Repay


U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Seeks Comments to Proposed Amendments to the Ability-to-Repay Requirements and Qualified Mortgage Rule


U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Issues Rules on Mortgage Servicing; Creates New Rights for Borrowers, Raising Issues Regarding Legal Authority For Foreclosure Action Prohibition


U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Proposes Mortgage Servicing Reforms


U.S. Federal Housing Finance Agency and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Announce Plans for a New National Mortgage Database


U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Rulemaking: A New Frontier for Cost-Benefit Analysis


2012 Bank Enforcement Actions Still High, New Directions Slated for 2013


Fair Lending
Dechert LLP

Home Lenders’ Fair-Lending Dilemma


U.S. Department of Justice Turns Spotlight on Disparate Impact Discrimination Claims



Peter B. Rutledge, Christopher R. Drahozal, "Contract and Choice," 2013 B.Y.U.L. Rev. 1


Jason S. Johnston, "The Return of Bargain: An Economic Theory of How Standard-Form Contracts Enable Cooperative Negotiation Between Businesses and Consumers,: 104 Mich. L. Rev. 857 (2005)


Other Targeted CFPB Initiatives: Supervision of Nonbank Entities, Reverse Mortgages, Prepaid Cards, College Products, Overdrafts
L. Richard Rischer, Background Materials on Target CFPB Initiatives: Supervision of Nonbank Entities, Reverse Mortgages, Prepaid Cards, College Products and Overdrafts

Subprime Revisited: How the Rise of the Reverse Mortgage Lending Industry Puts Older Homeowners at Risk, October 2009


NCLC Comments and shorter Coalition comments to CFPB on suggestions for rules for prepaid cards, July 23, 2012


Survey of Unemployment Compensation Prepaid Cards, January 29, 2013


Comments to CFPB on financial products marketed to college students, March 18, 2013


Consumer Group Comments to CFPB on Overdraft Programs, June 29, 2012


Report: How CFPB Can Rein in Bank Overdraft Fees, April 30, 2013


General NCLC Regulatory Comments


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Enforcement Activities

Dechert LLP

U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Couples First Enforcement Action With Warning to Financial Services Industry


U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Issues Regulation Protecting Privileged Information from Waiver of Privilege


Venable LLP


CFPB Enforcement Activities, Jonathan L. Pompan, Venable LLP


2013 Outlook for Credit Counseling- A Legal and Regulatory Perspective


CFPB and FTC Target Mortgage Advertising


CFPB Intiative to Promote Student Loan Payment Plans


CFPB Investigations and FTC Coordination Tips


CFPB to Focus on Use of Social Media


Consumer Complaints Offer Insight into Enforcement and Regulatory Priorities


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Opens Whistleblower Complaint Hotline


FTC's Updated .com Disclosures Guidance


Navigating a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Investigation and Enforcement Action


New Federal Consumer Procection Working Group Takes Aim at Consumer Fraud


No Laughing Matter - Stewart, Colbert, and Cordray


Six Things to Know about the CFPB


Time for a Consumer Financial Protection Compliance Tune-up


What the 2012 Election Means for the CFPB


What to Expect When You're Under a CFPB Investigation- Negotiating the Scope of the CID