June Workshops for Federal Judges: Risk, Injury, Liability, and Insurance

Event Details

Workshops for Federal Judges

Groups of 20 judges participate in classroom presentations and discussions on focused topics.  Workshops are organized by leading scholars.  Advance readings are provided and it is expected that all participants will have read those materials to facilitate an informative, vibrant, and intellectual discussion.

Workshop Leader: Keith N. Hylton, J.D., Ph.D., William Fairfield Warren Distinguished Professor of Law, Boston University

Maria O’Brien Hylton, J.D., Professor of Law, Boston University
Michael J. Meurer, J.D., Ph.D., Professor of Law, Abraham and Lillian Benton Scholar, Boston University
Kathryn Zeiler, J.D., Ph.D, Professor of Law, Nancy Barton Scholar, Boston University


Please contact our Director of Judicial Education, Paige V. Butler at pbutler2@gmu.edu or by phone at 703.993.8132.