Autonomous Vehicles: Who to Sue if There’s No Driver?

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From tech companies to automobile manufacturers, driverless cars are next big thing. But who’s responsible when a driverless car is involved in an accident? Should it be the occupants of the vehicle or its owner? The car’s manufacturer or the software developer? A number of the companies working in this field have announced that they would accept responsibility because they all seem to anticipate fewer accidents. But will that change as the technology evolves? How will courts respond? And what role is there for legislative action?

Join us as our panel of experts discuss these and related questions.

This Congressional Civil Justice Academy briefing will feature:

Megan McArdle
Columnist, Bloomberg View

Bryant Walker Smith
Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina School of Law

Please RSVP. Due to space limitations, we are unable to accommodate interns for this briefing.

Hill Country BBQ will be served.