About the Congressional Civil Justice Caucus Academy

The Congressional Civil Justice Caucus Academy provides rigorous and balanced educational programs on a range of civil justice issues for the benefit of the general public and members of the US Congress and their staff.

Launched in February 2011, the Academy is an independent, outside organization that shares the goals of the bipartisan Congressional Civil Justice Caucus, a Congressional Member Organization.

The shared goals of the Academy and the Congressional Civil Justice Caucus include:

  • Promoting a civil justice system that respects the rule of law and advances the country’s leadership in innovation, job creation, and economic growth;
  • Advancing the public’s understanding of how civil justice issues affect the free enterprise system, America’s global competitiveness, and businesses large and small;
  • Providing a bipartisan forum for discussion and debate of policy issues related to the U.S. civil justice system; and
  • Promoting the education of members of Congress and their staff on civil justice issues.